Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Girardi School of Sliding

The New York Jets have contacted the New York Yankees to call upon manager and ex-catcher Joe Girardi to teach quarterback Mark Sanchez how to slide. The rookie QB is suffering his lumps both performance-wise and physically this season, and the Jets want to keep their franchise player healthy for the foreseeable future.
"I've never really been a slider. In baseball, I slid headfirst. In football, I've done the same thing or tried to get out of bounds or throw the ball away. It's something that you need to learn at this level." ~Mark Sanchez

"When we bring Joe Girardi in, this is all about business. Mark understands that. We kid about the 'Sanchise' name, but he's the face of our franchise. We've got to keep him healthy. He was a guy that grew up sliding off his left leg and was tentative sliding off his right leg. It was a confidence-building thing, and know you've got the best teacher in the game teaching you how to do this." ~Jets head coach Rex Ryan

No word yet on if Girardi also coached the Jets on how not to suck.


Louise said...

The Yankees have achieved a level of success in the world of baseball that is so gaudy, so well known, and so storied picking a handful of players to call their all time best is no easy task. They should be always competitive enough to keep pace with the others. I used to attend their games even their tickets get sold out. Luckily I fond , now I’ll before compare prices before getting tickets. Go Yankees!!

GM-Carson said...

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rakeback said...

I think Sanchez needs some time to adapt, but he has all the physical and mental tools to excel at the pro game. Quarterbacks like Manning and Aikman had pretty rough starts and turned out pretty well.

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