Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who am I??????

During some down time until football starts I am posting a trivia question and see how many true phillies phans (or even baseball fans) can identify this person. First person to get this question correct will get a secret prize. Here is the info of the player:
I am a born and raised Jersey boy who went to college just across the river in Philadelphia. In college I majored in system engineering. I am one of only 5 alumni from my college to play pro ball. I joined the phillies in 1998. However I played baseball for another national league team before that. I ended my career going 293 games without an error. I also had exactly 1100 hits when I retired. I finished my career in 2004. I now a consultant with the baseball factory. On May 9, 2009 I wrote an article in the New York Times regarding my choice to never use steroids during the career. I was quoted as stating "thoughts of my mother kept him from abusing PEDs."


David Pinto said...

Doug Glanville

GM-Carson said...

Damn, just read it. I knew it was Dougie G right away too.