Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Victorino

Yesterday Shane got married in Hawaii. It was found that all players were in attendance, however, Hamels had to leave during the best man speech to breast feed Charlie Manuel. Some other notes from the wedding is that Rollins bought Shane and his new wife matching surf boards. That got me thinking....when the hell do you get matching surf boards, let alone from a person like Jimmy Rollins. One would think you would get alot of bling from that guy.

Finally, of all the people to invite to a wedding, Shane invites Jon Gosselin. What the hell was he thinking. My bet is Ryan got laid from it. Especially after you see his dance moves.


GM-Carson said...

Victorino is awesome!

Amanda said...

I love Victorino. Met him in Chicago, nice guy. But Jon Gosselin??! Com'on Shane, you can do better.

Jay Ballz said...

Straight PIMPIN!!

tamtam said...

LOL! I heard about Shane inviting Jon Gosselin to his wedding. No word on whether he brought all those kiddies with him :)

My favorite spoof site, the dugout, actually poked fun of that. I think I'll post that link later today