Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dutch Says Phils in 7

Alright, so Rocky knocked the Bronx Bombers down last night. Secret is to keep them down. There is a rumor that Curt Schilling is going to pitch game 7 for the Phils, so we sent out to get the should be here soon and if not, some nice fellows from the deli down the street offered to bring us a couple red socks, if it will help the Phightins down the Bronx Bullies.

So, we’ll see Pedro for game six. I mentioned earlier in the series that the Phightins owe Pedro…we still do. How great will it be if Pedro throws another gem in New York? Also J.A. Happ is still available and rested. I am sure Charlie has him slated somewhere down the road.

Total city effort last night, the crowd was outrageous--I love Philadelphia fans, and now it’s time to put up or go home. I think we'll be in New York for a couple more days.

So game 6 we start Pedro, game 7 Schill (haha), but both Yankee killers. What is that old saying..the enemy of my enemy is my friend…I love Boston.

Let the Yankee curse begin.

Phils in seven. MVP Chase Utley with seven home runs. That’s right tough guys from New York he ain’t done yet, and he loves playing in your yard with that nice short porch...ouch! Now you will see the Phils bats come to life.

Darren "Dutch" Daulton

*Courtesy of Playmaker Mobile

Of course, Dutch is a firm believer in the Mayan calendar and that the world will end in 2012...take his words with a grain of salt.

*We Should Be GMs has funny story about Macy's department store prematurely congratulating the Phils for back-to-back championships.


tamtam said...


The spaceman hath spoken

Burton said...

Phils in 7!

GM-Carson said...

Darren Daulton is a liar, Phils are getting hammered.

Burton said...

Well FUCK.

tamtam said...

Carson, please accept my condolances on the Phillies losing the World Series.