Thursday, November 05, 2009

Christmas in November

As a Mets fan, this season was one to forget. A new stadium opened and the team never showed up to play in it. There was more money on the disabled list than most teams had on their total payroll. A team that Sports Illustrated picked to win the NL East and the World Series never even sniffed the playoffs. One thing for certain is that those wonderful "Phillies Phans" I am so blessed to work with let me know just how unAmazin' the Mets were this year. I took it all in stride and just kept thinking I hope the Phils make the Series and fold up like an old lawn chair. Now it seems like Santa heard my wishes and delivered on them a month early.

I know, I know, I am from Pennsylvania, I should root for the Phils, you know just like I am sure all those Flyers Fans rooted for the Penguins in last year's Stanley Cup Playoffs. I don't buy it. I absolutely hate the Yankees, and I really have no problem with any of the Phillies this side of Victorino but nothing puts a smile on my face more than the eerie silence that is coming from those same Phans who would not shut up when the Mets lost. Yeah the Mets were terrible, the Phillies were the best team in the National League for the second straight year, and they made it to their second consecutive World Series. Congrats, you lost, and it feels good.

The worst part about the Phillies Phans I have come to know and love is how they are willing to take a bullet for a guy one day and shoot him with it the next, i.e. Cole Hamels, Brad "Lights Out" Lidge, Charlie Manuel. They are all what have you done for me lately Phans and would trade in their own Grandmother if she stopped baking them cookies and giving them gifts. They are the Phans who were certain they were about to repeat after the Game 1 victory, and the same Phans who hated Ryan Howard because he was swinging and missing everything in the Series.

The ultimate truth is the Philadelphia Phillies deserve recognition and respect for being the talented and successful club they truly are. They win games, they do almost everything right on the field, they seem to be a close knit bunch, and they seem to enjoy playing this great game, it is so sad that this team has to be followed by a bunch of fair weather Phans who have yet to figure out they are rooting for a team with more losses in its history than any other professional franchise.

I want to apologize to those Phans who are both fans of the Phillies and the game of baseball, I do not mean to include you in this rant. Baseball fans understand that the game is a roller coaster with ups and downs along the way. They understand that the big hitters don't always hit and the weak hitters sometimes do. They realize that your number 1 pitcher might pitch like a number 5 and vice-versa. Phillies Phans do not, they think it should be home runs and no hitters every night out. They live in a...wait for it... a Phantasy World.

Hey Phightin' Phils Phans, add another "L" to the Loss Column and Phare Well.


GM-Carson said...

Damn, that was brutal.

I love baseball, because it is a rollercoaster. Being on the high all the time would getting nauseating. Gotta hit the low points every once in awhile to remember how could it feels to bounce back and feel that high again.

I personally feel most fan bases are like the Phillies. Talk shit for their team one minute, then talk shit on their team the next. I don't think that's exclusive to Philly, as I've read/heard many Yankee, Cubs, and Mets fans over the years do the same.

You live in Pennsylvania though Scotty, hence the reason you're more prone to thinking it's a Philly Phan's way of life. You're constantly surrounded by it. Go live in NY and I think you'd realize the fans up there are quite the same.

I love my Phillies. Sometimes I hate my Phillies, but that's part of the love of them, I want them to do well so badly that it pains me when they don't.

By the way- I disowned my Grandma long ago, chick stopped baking cookies, giving b-day money, and what not.

GM-Carson said...

Here's a link to some great conversation in the wake of the Phillies World Series loss, proclaiming love for their team. No fair-weather fans here, just die-hards.

Burton said...

The fans are loyal, that is true of the Phils.

Yuck the Fankees.

Matt said...

I'm in Atlanta and a huge Braves fan and I agree with this post. I actually like watching these Phils play but cannot stand Philly fans. But then again people say the same about Braves fans and I acknowledge that we, as do all teams, have fair weather fans.

A good team just got beat a a more expensive, more experienced team. Nothing to be ashamed of. I didn't expect the Phils to lose.

Oh I don't like Mets fans either and the Marlins and Nats don't have any fans so they don't count! ha

GM-Carson said...

All fans of all cities have their quirks...or annoyances. Cardinals fans are gay (not that there's anything wrong with that), Yankees fans are pompous, Phils fans are extreme hard-nosed, Orioles fans are bitter, Braves fans are becoming nonexistent, etc., etc., etc.