Saturday, November 14, 2009

Appalachian Brewing Company

It's time for another induction into the More Hardball Beer Club and today we honor a brewery with an amazing selection of libations- Appalachian Brewing Company, located in Harrisburg, PA. ABC, nicknamed by the locals, is the place that started me off on my microbrew hobby obsession. The first time I set lips on their Water Gap Wheat, I knew my days of futzing around with Budweiser and the like were over. Since that day about 3 years ago I've went on to try roughly 20 of their other beers and love everyone of them.

Flagship Beers:
*Trail Blaze Organic Brown Ale- certified as the only truly organic brew in Pennsylvania. I'm not usually an organic kinda guy, but this beer convinced me to drink more of it.

*Susquehanna Stout- if you love dark beers, there's none darker than this black beauty.

*Water Gap Wheat- heaven in a bottle. Seriously one of the best wheat beers you'll ever drink.

Others- Purist Pale Ale, Mountain Lager, Jolly Scot Scottish Ale, Hoppy Trails IPA, and Broad Street Barleywine (have yet to try the barleywine).

*Abbey Roade Belgian Ale- ABC's February offering has tremendous sweet taste.

*Peregrine Pilsner- the best pilsner I've ever had. I usually a really hoppy or really malty guy, but this brew made me love it.

*Anniversary Maibock- great taste and a great punch (7.2 ABV).

*Grinnin' Grizzly Spiced Ale- their holiday offering is perfect for the cold dreary days of winter.

Others- Zoigl Star Lager, Celtic Irish Red, Hinterland Hefe Weizen, Dom Blonde Kolsch, Kipona Fest, Rauchbock, Pennypacker Porter, Volks Weizenbock.

Visit the pub and you're likely to come across some other beers on tap. Just this week I stopped in and had Coconut Porter, and it's every bit as good as it sounds. They also have 2 beers on tap straight from the cask. If you've never had a beer served like that, I highly recommend you do so, because without the artificial fizz added to it, you actually get to experience the beer's full gambit of flavor notes.

Must View Links:
*Bootlegger Sports tells of Lebron James plan to honor Michael Jordan by actually not honoring him...the NBA is so f'n dumb!

*No Guts, No Glory previews your NFL game of the week- Patriots vs. Colts. Two tremendous QBs squaring off is must view television.

*Macho Row highlights Chase Utley's fourth consecutive Silver Slugger award.

*WSBGMs' Corey makes out his ultimate Phillies lineup.

*Swing and a Long Drive gives an update of Phillies prospects in the AFL.

Psychostick- BEER!


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GM-Carson said...

If you do anything this weekend, let it be to watch that video I posted on here. It's demented but extremely entertaining.

Burton said...

Beer is Good...And stuff! Those are classic lyrics!

tamtam said...

Hey, in about a year, can you guys send me a case of this stuff? I'll be old enough to drink next year!

Burton said...

Tam, for you, anything ;)

GM-Carson said...

Tam- whatever you do, don't go drinking that fake mass produced shit (Coors, Bud, etc.). Start right off with the good microbrew/craft beers.

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