Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, PA is America's oldest brewery. The Yuengling family began churning out tasty beers back in 1829. They have gone through slight changes over their 180 years of existence ("& Sons" was added to the name at one point, "near beer" was produced during prohibition to keep the plant open, and of course expansion up and down the east coast to keep up with the high demand). I do believe it's past due for this beer's induction into the More Hardball Beer Club.

The Beers:
Lager- their signature brew, that has a subtle sweetness and a beautiful amber color. Go to a bar in Pennsylvania and ask for "Lager" and they know you mean this beer, not any other brand.

Light Lager- low in calories (99), but not in taste. For those conscientious about their figure, but still crave a full-flavored lager, this is for you.

Premium- the beer of choice by my father-in-law that lovingly refers to it as "Vitamin Y" and "Nectar of the Gods". After a hot day in the sun fishing, this is always cold and waiting back at camp. It's a pilsner-style brew that has amazing thirst quenching ability.

Premium Light- like its brother Light Lager, the only thing that's discernibly missing from this are the calories.

Porter- the best Yuengling has to offer in my opinion, but then again I'm a dark brew kinda guy. The caramel and dark roasted hops give Porter its creamy full-bodied flavor and aroma. Give me a 6-pack of this on a cool Autumn night and I'm a happy man.

Black & Tan- this beer is ingenious, perfect for someone who doesn't want too light or too dark. Black & Tan is a combination of Yuengling Premium and Porter, and the result is a flavor explosion in your mouth that will have you coming back for more.

Lord Chesterfield Ale- a European-style bitter beer, but don't let the bitter part scare you away. Some beers are meant to be bitter, and when it's done right the end product is a satisfying dry sharp finish.


A place in Seagrove, NC (pottery capital of the US) makes pottery with Yuengling Lager bottles melted down and mixed into the clay, because of its distinct green color. When prohibition ended in 1933, the brewery celebrated with the production of Winner Beer and shipped a truckload to President Franklin D. Roosevelt...bad ass! Yuengling has a seasonal offering in the form of a bock (released in 2008), that's only in limited release in the spring and sold in 1/2 barrels. Here's to hoping they decide to bottle it this year, because I'd love to get my lips on one of them.


Burton said...

Good ol' D. G. Yuengling & Sons! I'm lucky that they actually sell that here. It is an excellent beer. Good call on introducing it into the Beer Club!
I need to go back to Lantern Hill in Seagrove, I broke the handle on my Yuengling pottery mug.

GM-Carson said...

That dude at Lantern Hill was awesome. Gave us each a brew to help the arts.

Burton said...

Anything for the arts! Here! here! and Cheers!

Cooper said...

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