Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Series- Who will you root for?

By now readers of this blog know I'm an obsessed Phillies fan (evidence here). So with the Phillies going to their second straight World Series I'm a happy man/fan. The other authors of this blog have seen their favorite teams long since been elimanated (TamTam- ChiSox, Burton- Braves, Scotty- Mets). It's likely your beloved team has fallen by the wayside as well and you're left to choose between two powerhouse East Coast teams in the form of the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees. Who will you be rooting for this World Series?
Who will you be rooting in the '09 World Series?
Philadelphia Phillies
New York Yankees free polls

These 2 videos have nothing to do with today's post, just love 'em. First one is dedicated to my wife...Abed is awesome! Second video is dedicated to may have tiny hands, but you have a huge heart.


Burton said...

I fucking knew you'd find those commercials and think of me!

GM-Carson said...

Oh, Burton, I've been waiting for the right time to post that commercial, and today was the day to spring it on your handicapped ass. Get it, "handicapped" because you have small hands and and handicapped starts with hand...hahahaha (imagine that in my evil laugh).

Burton said...

Thanks, man. I'm touched.

Burton said...

The sad thing is...I think his hands and mine are the same size.

tamtam said...