Friday, October 09, 2009

Whip it Good!

Here is a bizzare story for this week's post-even more mind-boggling than Ted Williams' body parts being used as batting practice!

As we all know, my beloved Chicago White Sox had a dismal season. Naturally, not a lot of people were happy about this-particularly those who live within the Chicagoland area.

Everyone vents their frustration in different ways, but this is one of the more bizzare ways I've seen!

I initially found this story on deadspin, but the full story is located on the Chicago Sun-Times website. Apparantly, there's a vendor who works at the Cell who is notorious for horsewhipping a bench in order to vent his frustrations. The vendor, a man named Lloyd Rutzky, who began working for the White Sox in the 70s, when their stadium was still known as Comiskey Park, told the Sun Times that he began the horsewhipping routine by accident when he was changing out of his uniform at the end of his shift one night, and hit the bench with his belt. Since that fateful night, Rutzky has grown to be a kind of legend among the White Sox vendors. After a rough night for my boys in black-and-white, or if he has a bad vending night, Rutzky proceeds to horsewhip a bench in the vendors lockerroom in order to vent off steam.

But with this season, somebody actually videotaped Rutzsky violently horsewhipping a bench in the lockerroom, in his underwear. In the video, Rutzky is yelling the names of the White Sox roster and management, as well as other stuff that makes him mad. His coworkers are shown egging him on. You can see it for yourself below.

That is so wrong on so many levels. In response to the story on the Sun Times website, a user named blues boy wrote "Crack that whip. You whip it, whip it good!".

Kenny, are you watching this?



Burton said...


tamtam said...

i know!

GM-Carson said...

I haven't worn tight-whities since middle school.

tamtam said...

what got to me was the scrawny chicken legs and portruding beer belly of this whipper. that kinda stuff should NOT be seen in public!

Burton said...

Sorry about that. Won't do it again then.

tamtam said...


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