Friday, October 30, 2009

Stupid &$^%@# Umps!

Excerpt from WSBGMs:
Piss poor umpiring has been the story of the 2009 MLB postseason and the another chapter was written last night. 1st base umpire, Brian Gorman, blew 2 calls in back-to-back half innings: 1. the "linedrive" double play and 2. the Utley GIDP. 1. Ryan Howard caught that ball on the short-hop then threw wide to 2nd where Rollins tugged Posada out. It went down as a double play, but in reality Posada should have been safe at 2nd and Damon (the batter) safe at 1st. 2. Gorman must have felt guilty for blowing the previous call because he hosed Utley when he was clearly safe at 1st on went ended up being a rally-killing inning-ending ground into double play.

Home plate umpire, Jeff Nelson, isn't free of criticism either. His strikezone was very liberal at times, especially in the 9th inning with Mariano Rivera on the mound against Howard. Howard was called out on a pitch high and outside. XM's Rob Dibble put it best, "That's a Hall-of-Famer strike. He got that because he's Mo Rivera." Well, then that's just bullshit.

More Hardball's remedy to shitty umpiring: Bag Tag & Helping Hand.


tamtam said...

You're telling me. Are the ref's on steroids too, or has there been a sudden increase in refs who need glasses?

Scotty said...

Here's my opinion on the whole issue of the quality of the umpiring in the playoffs...These umpires are no better during the regular season, the only difference is now all of the baseball fans in the country are watching the same games. During the regular season, there are games televised regionally across the country, the viewing public is divided. Now there is a microscope on 6 umpires who we feel are supposed to get every call correct every time.

In Brian Gorman's defense, he was behind the play and behind Howard, there is no umpire anywhere who could have seen if the ball was caught or trapped. That is a play that has to be called immediately and that is exactly what Gorman did. He called it as he saw it and he did it quickly. Yes after looking at the replay he missed the call, unfortunately, he didnt have the benefit of the replay. Same goes for his call on the Utley double play.

As for balls and strikes, there wasn't one game this season, or last, or the 100 before that in which there wasnt some sort of controversy in a strike zone. Some one is always going to be upset about the calls. I agree that Howard was called out on pitch that was both high and outside, but it happens, and it happens often. I think that was his punishment for missing a meatball that Burnett threw him a few innings before with men on base.

There is an old adage in baseball circles and that is you don't put the game in the umpire's hands. You have to take runs when they are available to you and your team and bad at-bats, poor base-running, and not taking advantage of men on base are reasons for losing games not one or two calls blown by the umpires.

GM-Carson said...

Believe it or not, I'm actually against any form of instant replay. I like the human element of it, even if it means making mistakes. That's pure baseball.