Monday, October 19, 2009

Mr. October?!

Hello fellow Hardballers!

Since Burton is out today, I'll take over for the daily post.

Saturday night, the Yankees played the Angels for game 3 of the ALCS. It was one long game. 14 innings and all.

But the unlikely hero of the night was none other than the scandalous Alex Rodriguez, who hit a solo home run to set the stage for finally bringing the game to an end.

Yes, THAT Alex Rodriguez of career-as-a-national-punchline fame, and the subject of some narcisstic, borderline gay-themed photoshoots as well as the favorite subject of amateur photoshoppers everywhere (particularly those Yankee haters).

Despite my intense dislike of the Evil Empire, there is no denying that Gay-Rod has had a monster postseason. In past years, Alex's post season play has been nonexistant. This year, he might actually make a decent contribution. Likewise, he's earned the royal treatment shown to him by Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano, photo courtesy of "Big League Stew".

Unfortunately for Yankee nation, I'm still rooting for the Angels.

Have a nice day!


GM-Carson said...

I love and hate A-Rod at the same time. He's amazing, with or without PED's. But the dude has major issues.

tamtam said...

I know.

Burton said...

I have no such quandry when it comes to A_Rod. I love to hate him.

GM-Carson said...

Another A-bomb from A-Rod in the Yanks extra inning loss yesterday. He's killin it this postseason.

Burton said...