Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mike Adams' Historical Season

Mike Adams just wrapped up an historical season and he and other baseball followers probably do not even know it. He's only the 19th pitcher since 1901 to have an ERA below 1.00 for an entire season (minimum 35 innings pitched). His 0.73 earned run average is the 8th lowest in the history of the game. As impressive as that ERA is, his WHIP (walks+hits per inning), which is 0.595, is the lowest ever by a pitcher with 35 innings or more pitched during a season. He's not going to get any Cy Young consideration, nor will he land a lucrative multi-year contract this offseason. He does have the distinction of having one truly amazing season that will last in the history books of MLB for centuries to come.

2009- 37 g, 37 ip, 45 k, 0.73 ERA, 0.60 WHIP.
Career- 152 g, 171 ip, 173 k, 4-7 record, 2.53 ERA, 1.06 WHIP.

Adams began his career with the Milwaukee Brewers back in 2004. He pitched for the Brew Crew for 3 season (2004-2006) and missed all of 2007 with injury. In 2008 Mike resurfaced with the San Diego Padres, where he has been for the past 2 seasons. The 6'5" 204 lb. righthander wasn't even drafted, he signed as an amateur free agent, and has never demanded much hoopla. I suspect if he turns in another solid campaign in 2010 as a set-up man, he'll start to garner more attention and praise.

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