Monday, October 05, 2009

Mets Mascot Mayhem

Thirty years ago, the Mets suffered the worst season in the history of the franchise, winning only 63 games and losing 99. This marked the lowest point in a string of bad seasons beginning in 1977 and lasting until 1983. The year 1979 also marked the beginning and end of Mettle the Mule as the Mets' mascot. Named by a fan in a 'Name the Mascot' contest, the mule was often used to pull Bebe DeRoulet (daughter of Mets' President Lorinda DeRoulet) in a chariot around the park. Most fans hated the mule, but others saw it as a fitting mascot for the team, as it left less of a mess on the field.
Should the Mets leadership decide another mascot change is necessary, I have a couple of suggestions for them.

Ivey: Ivey is a charming medical device that will be used to infuse the Mets and their fans with good cheer!

Funny Bone Frank: The lovable character from the classic Operation game can now endorse the accident-prone Mets!

Dr. Met: This campy little fella will tickle the funny bone of Mets fans everywhere. A play on Mr. Met, the whimsical caregiver will also be able perform necessary operations during the seventh inning stretch.

A Yankees Fan Tribute to the 2009 Mets


GM-Carson said...

The poor Mets were an emergency room visit waiting to happen this season. There injury woes were so severe that it's almost not funny. But then I read a post like this and remember that I hate the Mets (because I'm a Phils fan) and then I laugh.

tamtam said...

that Dr. Met thing is genius! somebody's quite talanted with MS paint!

TomG said...

That is a wonderful video chronicaling the woes suffered by the 2009 Mets, especially the part where Mike Cameron ran into Carlos Beltran in the outfield. What? That didn't happen in 09? Don't tell that to the guy who did th video. At least get your facts straight.
If it wasn't for freakish injuries, the Mets would still be playing. It can happen to anyone. It could be your team next.

GM-Carson said...

The Phil bullpen was a catastrophy this season in terms of injuries...still is.

TomG said...

The Mets bullpen was the only thing that didn't get hit by the injuries. The rotation, and batting order were all devistated by injuries. At one point they had $87 million worth of players on the DL. Santana, Beltran, Delgado, Wright, Reyes, Maine, Perez to name a few. They had some (albeit limited) depth, but those guys started getting injured as well (F. Martinez, Cora, Nieve, Niese). For a good visual, check out this chart: