Friday, October 09, 2009

Linkin' with Patrick Swayze

*WSBGMs created the best of Phillies team for the 2000's decade.

*The Big Lead wonders where Matt Holliday's ball is, and so does all of Red Birds Nation.

*Sportress of Blogitude has story on the Pontiac Silverdome being up for auction, time to raid the couch cushions.

*Amazin' Avenue has 5 #'s to avoid when evaluating starting pitchers.

*No Guts, No Glory speculates the Tebow might not be able to handle the crowd noise in Baton Rouge.

*The Mets Police has scoop on the phrase "Mets-like" officially being part of sports lexicon. I love taking pleasure in their pain.

*Bootlegger Sports tells of Deion Sanders getting Dez Bryant suspended.

*Gunaxin shows a fullback being born.

*Rumors & Rants has your week 6 college football picks.

*LT Sports says it's time for AJ Burnett to step up...I hope he fails!

*StraitPinkie has hot photos of Holly Valance, not that there is such a thing as unhot photos of Holly Valance.

Patrick Swayze- She's like the Wind

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GM-Carson said...

That freakin' song is so cheesy, yet so romantical.