Saturday, October 17, 2009

Going Both Ways

These two gentlemen bring an entirely new meaning to the phrase, "going both ways". Brian Jordan at least has an excuse for his double-dose sports card, as he did play in the NFL and MLB. Mike Jeffcoat on the other hand was strictly baseball, but maybe because he was in the great (not is coolness, but size) state of Texas, he felt the need to dabble in their most beloved pastime. ___________________________________________________

How You Like Me Now?
*Gunaxin features an entirely different baseball babe...thank God this isn't a picture of Ruth in lacy panties.

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*The House That Glanville Built thinks Carlos Ruiz is the Spanish version of Mr. October Reggie Jackson.

*We Should Be GMs previews the Dodgers vs. Phillies NLCS by doing a tale of the tape between the two cities.

*Sliding Into Home writes of CC's brilliance over the Angels in game 1 of the ALCS.

*No Guts, No Glory takes a look at the NFL game of the week between the Saints and Giants.

*Straitpinkie has story on the possible courtship of John Gruden to Louisville.

*Bootlegger Sports writes an article about FSU football players, but they're won't be able read it anyway, because a gnat is more literate.

Beastie Boys- Pass the Mic


tamtam said...

did Michael Jordan have a baseball card too?

GM-Carson said...

Yep, but not a dual basketball/baseball least not to the best of my knowledge.