Thursday, October 29, 2009

Game 1: Zeros and Heroes

Zeros are not always bad, especially when they are applied to the Yankees. It would have been nice for the Yankees to have been shutout for the first time in 40 World Series openers, but alas, a ninth inning error by Rollins turned a double play into a historically large missed opportunity. Seeing zeros across the board for the Yankees was also a thing of beauty. Some other impressive zeros for Game 1 and its key participants:
Cliff Lee - Zero ERA for the evening, zero errors, and zero walks. For zero prior appearances in the World Series, this bad ass lasted 9 complete innings, and earned 10 strikeouts. Meanwhile, Joe Girardi was channeling Casey Stengel as he worked through five pitchers in the last two innings after Sabathia finished the 7th. Lee also made two of the most impressive catches of the evening, the first against Damon in the 6th inning, and another robbing Cano of a potential base hit in the eighth with a behind-the-back catch off of a grounder. The lefty also has zero losses and three wins for the postseason, and an ERA of 0.54.
Chase Utley - Was 0-7 with 5 strikeouts against Sabathia prior to last night's game. Now he has one walk, which gave him the record for most consecutive times on base in past season play (26), a record held since 1971. Utley has now been on base in each of his post season appearances since 2007 (before that, he was 0-4). If that wasn't enough, Utley also belted two solo home runs against the beastly southpaw in the third and sixth innings respectively.
Alex Rodriguez - Zero hits, zero runs, three strikeouts.
Mark Teixeira - Zero hits, zero runs, two strikeouts.
Umpires - Zero bad calls! They even handled a tricky situation in the fifth inning with Rollins trapping a ball in the webbing of his glove before it hit the dirt. To be safe, Rollins tagged second base before throwing the ball to Howard at first, who tagged Matsui out. The umpires actually ruled it a double play!
One More: In the last six championships, how many Game 1 losing teams went on to take the series? Answer: 0.

Schoolhouse Rock: My Hero, Zero


GM-Carson said...

Damn it feels good to be a Phils Phan.

FatGirl said...

I guess Gay-Rod's steroids didn't kick in last night :)

GM-Carson said...

Alex is more prone to sticking his bat to Kate Hudson now than the Phils pitching.

tamtam said...


Yeah, Cliff Lee was awesome last night. Hope Pedro can pull it off too

Anonymous said...

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