Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brien Taylor, Where Art Thou?

Remember Brien Taylor? If not, don't feel bad, he's only one of the biggest busts in the history of baseball. In fact, he was so much of a dud, that he never even reached the majors after being selected by the vaunted New York Yankees with the 1st pick in the 1991 draft.

I only recall this guy because of the retarded unique spelling of his first name and his once valuable rookie card (seen to the right). Other than that, this guy was entirely forgettable. In 7 minor league seasons (with Yankees and Indians) he managed a lackluster 22-30 record with a 5.13 ERA. Most of that success came in the beginning of his professional career, because he ended with these 4 ERA's: 18.73 ('96), 14.33 ('97), 9.59 ('98), and 27.00 ('00).

Snippet from our review of the #1 picks from 1989-1998:
1991- Brien Taylor/P/New York Yankees: No MLB experience. This pick brings back some memories. Memory 1- remember when the Yankees used to suck and actually "earned" the first pick in the draft due to sucking. Memory 2- Taylor is one of only two #1 picks to never make it to the bigs (other being Steve Chilcott). Poor Brien became a headcase in the minors and lost control of his pitches racking up far greater than a walk per inning pitched. Example- in 1996 with the Greensboro Bats he walked 43 batters in just 16 innings. How the hell is that even possible?

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Burton said...

Holy shit that was him with the bsats?!? I remember that! That was epic. It was easily the biggest loss that the Bats ever suffered.

tamtam said...


Love that pic of the Storm Trooper sitting on the toilet. Have you taken the "Star Wars" plunge too?