Thursday, October 08, 2009

Big Mistake

Miguel Cabrera admitted Tuesday that his actions in the wee hours of Saturday morning were a "big mistake." That is little consolation for the thousands of Tiger's fans who were counting on him to secure a division win. But, there is someone else who fans should blame.

Presented here is the evolution of two very big mistakes that inevitably cost the Tigers postseason play.

It all started in bar where Cabrera celebrated the Tiger's 8-0 loss against the White Sox Friday night.

Then things got a little crazy for poor Miguel early Saturday morning.
Fortunately, he was able to crash for a bit before going home to his wife.

In his drunken stupor, he unwisely picked a fight with Rosangel, who ably handled herself against the bombed bomber. Police responded to a call placed by Cabrera's wife around 6:00 am, where they determined both she and Miguel were responsible for the fracas. Cabrera was then taken to the police station, and charged with being a colossal douche.
Before the game Saturday, he was picked up by Dave Dombrowski, who promptly suspended him for the remainder of the season for violation of the club's code of ethics. No. Wait. Dombrowski allowed the hung-over ass to play Saturday night, where he batted a championship worthy 0-4.

Big mistake.

Flogging Molly - F*ck You I'm Drunk


GM-Carson said...

That Migual Cabrera certainly is a party animal. Quite the condemning photos of him too.

Anonymous said...

The guy singing that song doesn't sound Irish at all. No way that is Flogging Molly.

tamtam said...

i love the pic of the sloshed slugger sleeping on the toilet. that made my day! :D

Burton said...

I am to please. I should have photoshopped someone pissing onhis head. Oh well.

tamtam said...

even better! the next time some athlete gets busted for an alcohol-related offense, will you photoshop this toilet pic w/ the offending athlete's head and a pisser?

Burton said...

can and will do ;)