Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 Reasons Why the MLB Playoffs are the Best in Sports

10 Reasons Why the MLB Playoffs are the Best in Sports:
10. After a walk-off hit, the batter gets pummeled in jubilant celebration by his teammates. Far better than watching some dude get his face jacked up for 10 rounds.

9. The sound of the ball meeting the bat on a majestic October homerun. Better than hearing green ball meeting tennis racket, followed by weird grunting.

8. It gets cold in some cities during the MLB playoffs, but at least they're not skating around a rink saying "Aboot" and missing teeth.

7. In October the ball of choice is still a baseball, not that pumpkin that the NBA pushes around.

6. Real men use wood to knock the crap outta balls. Graphite and titanium against a hard-packed golf ball is just unfair.

5. Watching the manager ride his horse to a complete game shutout. Better than watching a man trying to hold on to a bucking bull for 7 seconds.

4. Left-handed specialists out of the bullpen are still cooler than trick-shot artists in billiards.

3. A-Rod, Ryan Howard, Jeter, Utley, Manny, Pedro, Vlad- that's name recognition. Who the hell does soccer have? David Beckham and...nobody.

2. Watching a runner chug around the bases making left turns is far more enjoyable that sitting through a NASCAR race where wrecks are the most exciting thing.

1. Drama filled 9th innings. Better than seeing a kicker push the football wide right of the uprights.

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tamtam said...

And best of all, baseball players can play for many years and not suffer from dementia as a result of their playing days. Their joints might be fried, but at least their minds will still be intact (hopefully. I think Lenny Dykstra is the one exception to that)!

Plus, it's the most well-behaved sport ever (with the exceptions of adjusting and spitting)-very rarely do you see bloody fights in baseball like you do in hockey and sometimes football.