Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Create-a-Caption: Mets edition

Normally, I post on Fridays, but since Carson and Burton are a little busy today, I thought I'd take over for the daily post.

Mets fans-David Wright is back!

And for the rest of us-so are the jokes about those dismal Mets.

Take the Golden Boy, David Wright in this unfortunate photo (courtesy of the fightin's, featured on the sports hernia):

Looks like Dark Helmet of "Spaceballs" fame has finally found his long-lost twin brother.

Other creative captions are welcome. Please post them in the comment section.




GM-Carson said...

That helmet is atrocious and I hate the Mets, but I gotta admit it's nice to see David Wright back to playing baseball. That was one scary beaning.

Moshe Kranc said...

"I didn't want to buy this hat, but Mom told me if I took the right vitamin supplements, I'd grow into it."