Thursday, September 03, 2009

Senator Schilling

Curt Schilling stated yesterday that he would consider running for the Massachusetts Senate, filling the seat recently vacated by Ted Kennedy. Schilling has long been a supporter of Republican policies and candidates, and he was tapped last year to fill Senator John Kerry's seat, but Schilling turned down that possibility to continue pitching. Now the former fastballer may take the offer this time around. “We’ve got a political system and a group of people that suck, and that needs to change,” Schilling was quoted in the Boston Herald.

Schilling has no problem speaking his mind forcefully, a dubious trait for someone running for office. He is also not known for keeping his temper in check. But these character flaws are not enough to deter supporters. Should he win the seat, he will be a colorful addition to a Democratically dominated Senate. But, he will not be the first baseball player to become a Senator.

Currently, Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Bunning is a Republican Senator from Kentucky, where he has successfully served since 1998. Six years after leaving baseball in 1971, Bunning entered a life of public service, filling a seat on the Fort Thomas city council. This led to being elected to the Kentucky State Senate, and 12 years as a United States Representative for Kentucky's 4th district. Bunning is one of the oldest Republicans serving in office, and as such, he serves on many influential committees, including the Financial Committee and Banking Committee.

While Bunning has spent the last 30 years as a public servant, the closest Schilling has come to politics is campaigning with former President Bush, and, most recently, endorsing Senator John McCain in 2008. Schilling cites his lack of prior public service as an advantage. “Anybody who comes into this race from outside the world of politics would have a big advantage. They wouldn’t have the baggage that (current politicians) have,” Schilling stated.

Curt is going to need all the luck and support he can get. He's going up against some heavy-hitters for this seat, including former Lt. Governor Kery Healy and Joseph Kennedy II.


GM-Carson said...

Did you make those campaign posters or were they borrowed from another site?

Burton said...

I made 'em with my mad photoshopping skillz...

GM-Carson said...

Shit, I'd vote for him.