Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Resurrection of Giambi

After a 7 year stint with the New York Yankees, along with tons of money ($120M) and much criticism (steroids scandal), Jason Giambi decided to return to his roots and play for the Oakland Athletics this season. He signed a relatively low risk contract (1 year/$5.25M) considering his credentials, but he simply didn't pan out and was let go by the A's this summer. It seemed that the veteran of 15 seasons was at the end of his MLB journey, until the playoff hungry Colorado Rockies came and picked him off the scrap heap.

Before his release, Giambi was splitting time at 1st base and DH for Oakland, but his bat was not producing anywhere close to even replacement level: .193/.332/.364, 39 r, 13 2B, 11 HR, 40 rbi, and 72 k's in 269 ab. This is after posting a .875 OPS and smacking 32 hr the season before in New York. Since being snatched up by the Rox he's been amazing (albeit a small sample size): .389/.560/.778, 4 r, 1 2B, 2 HR, and 11 rbi in 18 ab. It appears he may just be playing himself into a bench job for a NL club next season as a pinch hitter and spot starter at 1st base. I could see a 1 year $2M contract being thrown his way if he picks up a couple more hits to end the season here and helps Colorado in the playoffs. The question is- does the 38 year old Jason Giambi want to play a reserve role after being a starter his entire career and already collecting enough money to secure his future?

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Walter Guest said...

I don't think he would sign for 2 mil. If he would I'd take him in an instant. That's lightning in a bottle. But he'd more likely be looking for 5 mil. That would be a gamble. I'd have to think about that.

GM-Carson said...

It's doubtful he returns to the AL where he'd have a fulltime gig and a bigger contract because of it. In the NL he'd only start sparingly at 1st with pinch hitting duties, therefore less money.