Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pick Yer Poison

Ahhhhh, Labor Day Weekend! A perfect time for rest, relaxation, and beer! There are very few ways of wrapping up a stressful week that are as rewarding as downing a beer or twelve of some tasty brews! And what better beer than Magic Hat, of South Burlington Vermont? I just had a near-religious experience celebrating Labor Day with a 12-pack of their 'Night of the Living Dead' seasonal beers.

Magic Hat is best known for their "mysterious and unusual" #9 brew, which is, in their words, "Not Quite a Pale Ale." Number 9 is a a crisp, flavorful beverage with a 4.6 alcohol by volume. It is, to say the least, an intriguing blend of Columbus and Cascade hops, and pale and crystal malts. It is a dry and aromatic blend that is close to perfection.

Also included in this box of joy was another one of their unique standards, Circus Boy (THE Hefeweizen). This sexy sud has a distinct lemon flavor, but it is pleasant and not in the least overwhelming. A saporous session beer, Circus Boy is a matchless malted wheat pale ale, with a dash of Amarillo hops.

The true treasure of this twelve-pack was their autumn seasonal, Roxy Rolles. Superlatives fall short when describing this nectar of the gods. I had my first experience with this beer last night (and early this morning), and it immediately rated my list of 'most favorite beers.' Roxy Rolles is a dry-hopped blend of Simcoe and Brewer's Gold hops, and a menage a tois of Pale, Crystal, and Caramunich malts. I will be stocking up on these before autumn ends.

Each season, Magic Hat releases one of their Odd Notion flavors. These brews consist of their experimental flavors. This season, they have introduced the world to a twist on the Blegian Dark Stout. It is an explosion of roasted coffee, chocolate, and an undercurrent of fruit that pulls this beer into the ethereal plain. Go get some now, come home, drink it, enjoy it, and hop on to their website to vote for them to keep it, and to offer a suggestion for a name.

Each bottle also offers a bit of surprise. Once the cap has been removed, check underneath the cap for some sagelike advice. Magic Hat is the I Ching of alcohol! For example, "Travel wide but not to hide," or "Don't get too stewed on the Stuff that we Brewed." Great advice! So, be safe and have a wonderful Labor Day! Cheers!

Year-Round Brews:
Circus Boy, 9, Single Chair Ale, Lucky Kat, Chaotic Chemistry (9.9 abv),
Seasonal Brews: hI.P.A. (Spring), Wacko (Summer), Roxy Rolles (Autumn), Braggot (Winter), and Feast of Fools (Winter)


GM-Carson said...

Ahh, yes, Labor Day. Perfect time to drink, as I did yesterday. Today, Sunday, is the day of rest though.

Burton said...

Indeed. One needs a day to recuperate!

GM-Carson said...

Magic Hat kicks ass, they sent us some stickers, a t-shirt, and bottle opener for the review.