Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photoshopped Phillies Phun

Here are some photoshopped gems from We Should Be GMs.

JC Romero practices submission holds.

Bring back Harry Kalas!!!

WSBGMs called upon a fallen hero to help bring some magic to the Phils.

Apparently Madea isn't the only one doing bad...

Sometimes Blanton is a real American hero, other times he just blows.

Brett Myers' bushy eyebrows and Eric Bruntlett's value.

Make sure to enter your favorite sports related phrase/quote in the Coin That Phrase Contest.

Chase F*cking Utley Tribute


tamtam said...

what happened to brad lidge? i remember last year how untouchable he was. now, he can't find the strike zone to save his life!

GM-Carson said...

48-48 in save situations last year (including playoffs), perfection!

This year he has 10 blown saves and an ERA that gets most pitchers released.