Thursday, September 24, 2009

Messin' With the Mets

Normally, when I am putting together a post for my literal baseball cards series, I take a player who has a last name that would be humorous if thought of literally. Last week, I was going to do this for the Mets, but I was inspired to do a more accurate representation of the miserable Mets. This week, I will continue with the tradition of picking on players with nutty nomenclature.
From the Active Roster: Sean Green, Lance Broadway, Tobi Stoner, Angel Pagan
From the 40-Man Roster: Robinson Cancel, Andy Green

Quality 80's Goodness...

1986 - Let's Go Met's!


GM-Carson said...

That's a huge bong!

tamtam said...

i saw more bizzare-looking bongs at a shop on the venice beach boardwalk in CA