Friday, September 11, 2009

Heads will roll!

For my weekly post, I decided to go regional-close to home!

Check out this hilarious picture of my notorious catcher AJ Pierzynski and the late great Jermaine "JD" Dye-courtesy of "Big League Stew"

My favorite caption was from a user named Allen: "Ozzie Guillen warned in his last tirade that heads would roll. Jermaine, however, never thought it would be a literal statement."

In second place, operaz_39999 said (perhaps in light of Pierzynski's unpopularity outside of the Chicago city limits): "I'd rather hide my head than be seen with this guy!"

Finally, to.geoff said: "Hey Rios, Ozzie just bit Jermaine's head off for lack of effort! Your arse is toast!" (to be read Groundskeeper Willy style).

Me, I laughed all the way to the bank.



GM-Carson said...

I know AJ has a reputation of being a prick on the field, but I heard he's a good teammate. Personally, he's always been one of my favorite catchers in the majors.

tamtam said...

thats good to know. everyone wants his skills, but nobody wants his attitude. chicago's perfect for him!