Saturday, September 19, 2009

Giving Back- Link Attack

*Kelly Brook is UsTailgate's girl of the week.

*Rumors & Rants has your NFL fantasy football sink or swim for week 2.

*Mets Avenue looks back on the 2 year anniversary of one of the dumbest quotes in Mets history- "This feels very normal to me, the way a playoff race should be. When we sip the champagne later on, it'll be even sweeter." (Manager Willie Randolf)

*We're the Team to Beat wonders if Phillies centerfielder Shane Victorino left the game to poop.

*The 'Ropolitans, a Mets site, wants to know if anyone even bothers watching the club anymore.

*Stait Pinkie has a list of the top 25 stupidest fads of all-time. Gotta say I disagree with the slap bracelet being #1. I'd still rock them if my wrist wasn't so damn fat.

*Mets-Lifers wonders if the Mets should have put more thought into Pedro.

*We Should Be GMs has been channeling the power of Patrick Swayze for Phillies success.

*The Mets Police contemplate if bringing Jerry Manuel back next season is the right move.

*No Guts, No Glory has a story of yet another NBA player getting in trouble with the law, this time Dolonte West.

Sum 41- Fat Lip

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