Tuesday, September 01, 2009

For the Love of the Game

The Little League World Series just came to an end in Williamsport, PA with a team from Chula Vista California defeating the Asian Pacific squad from Chinese Taipei, 6-3. The victory marked the 5th consecutive for the US of A. This year's tournament set a record for the most home runs ever in a Little League World Series.

Watching these kids play the game is a joy for a fan who is used to hearing baseball players talk about big contracts, trade demands, arguing balls and strikes, and not hustling on and off of the field. These kids travel from all over the world, missing the start of their school years in some cases, to play baseball. They hustle, the almost never argue, they shake hands with the other team, the don't play for money, and they give 100% on every single pitch. That is how the game is supposed to be played. A few major leaguers, past and present, have taken part in the Little League World Series and it would be great to see a few them let some of their peers know how the game is supposed to be played, better yet a few players on this list should remember how they themselves once played the game.

A few current and former Major Leaguers who have appeared in the LLWS:

Jason Bay- 1990 LLWS- Trail, British Columbia

Derek Bell- 1980, 1981 LLWS- Tampa, Florida

Sean Burroughs- 1992, 1993 LLWS- Long Beach, California

Dwight Gooden- 1979 LLWS- Tampa, Florida

Charlie Hayes- 1977 LLWS- Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Carney Lansford- 1969 LLWS- Santa Clara, California

Jason Marquis- 1991 LLWS- Staten Island, New York

Lloyd McClendon- 1971 LLWS- Gary, Indiana

Lastings Milledge- 1997 LLWS- Bradenton, Florida

Boog Powell- 1954 LLWS- Lakeland, Florida

Colby Rasmus- 1999 LLWS- Phenix City, Alabama

Gary Sheffield- 1980 LLWS- Tampa, Florida

Jason Varitek- 1984 LLWS- Altamonte Springs, Florida


GM-Carson said...

Lastings Milledge could use a refresher course in Little League for sportsmanship.

tamtam said...

was gary sheffield a brat back then? he sure is now!

Matt said...

Tampa Bay in 1979 -1981 had studs! Wow. Wonder how many players in MLB had teammates from LL or high school in MLB?