Friday, September 04, 2009

Alex and the Cop

For those of us fortunate to not live anywhere near New England (yes, this includes New York), we are always afforded the opportunity to poke fun of the Yankees and/or Red Sox. Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that those shlubs at ESPN have their heads shoved so far up the Yankees/Red Sox' asses that they forget about all the other teams and this makes for interesting youtube or blogger moments.

On this topic, we turn our attention to our favorite Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. This weekend, the Yankees went up north to Toronto to play the Jays. While there, Alex ran down a foul ball and twice ran into the female security guard in charge of keeping the dead stadium civil. In both encounters, Alex earned himself a place on the New York Post's front page by "accidentally" groping the cop. This happened not once, but TWICE!!!!

The incident was captured on camera, shown below (courtesy of Deadspin and the Sports Hernia).

Does that look accidental to you? THANK GOD for cameras!

Given Alex's unfortunate off-field reputation as a ladies man (rivaled only by his BFF Derek Jeter), this could cause some problems with his many lovers. I'll bet somewhere, Kate Hudson is penning her "Dear John" letter.

But on the good side, Rodgers Centre heard alot more noise that night then it had in recent years. I'll bet it'll be packed the next time the Yankees come to town.



GM-Carson said...

Can't blame a man for wanting to touch some boobies.

tamtam said...

oh come on carson! she's not even all that pretty!