Sunday, September 20, 2009

The $51,750 Oven

The infamous Lenny Dykstra is back in the news again!
According to Deadspin, "Nails has been stealing anything not nailed down". One of his mansions in Ventura County, CA, was once owned by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, and in light of Lenny's unfortunate financial situation, he's apparently been reduced to pawning whatever he can get his hands on for cash. A sad and desperate situation indeed. The writers at Deadspin say: He allegedly went to the property and removed lighting fixtures, wood flooring and a La Cornue oven and cook top - which the Gretzkys installed for $51,750 - according to a bankruptcy court filing. Dykstra could not be reached for comment, but according to the New York Daily News he acknowledged removing some items, but denied selling them. Given his unfortunate financial situation, one may empathize with Lenny, but even this is a little extreme. One typically sees such behavior in a vengeful foreclosed homeowners who destroy their former houses in a last-ditch attempt to raise hell with the insurance company.

My question is "who pays $51,750 for a stove and oven?!" Those better be made of solid gold if I'm gonna pay that much for a damn oven!

In regard to Lenny's lack of availability, one commenter named MarkKelsosMigrane said "Dykstra could not be reached for comment because in lieu of a phone he has been using a cup and string.

Before I sign off, I'd like to congratulate GM-Carson and his wife on the safe delivery of a brand new baby. Best wishes to the new parents and their newest little one!



GM-Carson said...

Thanks TamTam, Cameron Cole is doing well.

tamtam said...

thats good to hear. congrats daddy!

i have a question: is your baby boy's middle name in honor of cole hamels?

Burton said...

Why not? His other son is blessed with the nomenclature of Chase.

tamtam said...

oh, i see! well, you're a phillies phan, so it's well within your reason to do so. cameron cole is a nice boys name.

i don't know if i would name any of my sons after white sox players. well, maybe mark after our lone ace buehrle, or anthony after my noxious catcher AJ, or carl after my boy carlos quentin.

fortunately, i'm not married with children so i still have time to think about names for my descendants!

here's an idea for a future entry: little baseball fans! you can put a picture of all your kids in their phillies gear!

GM-Carson said...

Collier Chase & Cameron Cole, future 1st round picks.

tamtam said...

i'll be looking for them in the 2027 draft :)

you and your wife must love the letter "C". both your boys have names and middle names that start with "C". do you have daughters and do they share a similar starting letter as your sons?

GM-Carson said...

Nope, nary a daughter, and we're keeping it that way.