Saturday, August 01, 2009

Return Value

Yesterday a bevy of players were traded to playoff contenders around baseball. Nick Johnson, Adam LaRoche, Casey Kotchman, Victor Martinez, Joe Beimel, Jake Peavey, Scott Rolen, Jerry Hairston Jr., Orlando Cabrera, Jarrod Washburn, John Grabow, and others. Today I want to look at the impact that some of the players moved prior to the July 31st trade deadline have had on their new teams.

Matt Holliday (STL)- 8 gm, .586/1.545, 6 r, 6 dbl, 1 hr, 8 rbi. Everything the Cardinals hoped for and more. Who said he couldn't hit if it wasn't Coors Field?

Mark DeRosa (STL)- 17 gm, .215/.821, 12 r, 1 dbl, 7 hr, 11 rbi. Hasn't hit for average, but damn 7 bombs is impressive.

Julio Lugo (STL)- 7 gm, .375/1.113, 6 r, 2 dbl, 3 trpl, 1 hr, 3 rbi. St. Louis took a chance on him and so far it's paying off.

Nate McLouth (ATL)- 46 gm, .258/.773, 32 r, 13 dbl, 6 hr, 19 rbi, 8 sb. Has played solid defense and given the Braves stability from the leadoff spot.

Ryan Church (ATL)- 14 gm, .222/.683, 7 r, 1 hr, 4 rbi. A disappointment but honestly no worse than Francoeur was.

Jeff Francoeur (NYM)- 17 gm, .288/.760, 5 r, 2 dbl, 3 hr, 17 rbi. A change of scenery seems to have done the trick, and he's an rbi-machine since becoming a Met.

Felipe Lopez (MIL)- 11 gm, .350/.806, 4 r, 1 dbl, 1 trpl, 2 rbi. He's a switch hitter, but honestly I'm not sure he's an upgrade over the Craig Counsell/Casey McGehee platoon they had going.

Eric Hinske (NYY)- 7 gm, .333/1.464, 5 r, 5 hr, 8 rbi. 7 games, 7 hits, 5 bombs, yikes! As if the Yankees weren't powerful enough.

Ryan Garko (SFG)- 4 gm, .083/.350. Very rough start to his Giants career. Should end up being an upgrade over Travis Ishikawa in the long run.

Ben Francisco (PHI)- 2 gm, .250/.722, 2 dbl, 1 rbi. Came at a great time with all-star CF Shane Victorino banging up his knee the day he was acquired.

George Sherrill (LAD)- 1 gm, 1 ip, 1 hold, 3 k, 0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP. The Dodgers relief group just got that more devastating.

Cliff Lee (PHI)- 1 gm, 9 ip, 6 k, 1.00 ERA, 0.67 WHIP, 1 win. He came as advertised- ACE! Cherry on top- went 2-4 at the plate.

Rafael Bentancourt (COL)- 4 gm, 3.2 ip, 3 holds, 3 k, 0.00 ERA, 0.27 WHIP. Helps make the Rockies back end of the bullpen stronger and even more of a Wild Card contender.

Tony Pena (CHW)- 8 gm, 8.2 ip, 7 k, 6.23 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, and 1 win. Not a difference maker in my opinion.

Stay tuned to see what the newest additions do for their perspective teams in the coming months.

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tamtam said...

i heard about the peavy trade. it took 3 different tries, but my gm kenny finally got his pitcher. for all the trouble it took to get him, peavy better not be a bust, otherwise kenny's got some explaining to do!

GM-Carson said...

Peavy may not pitch until September. He's always a health concern, but if healthy he's really good.

GM-Carson said...

Holliday supplying the offense for the Cards last night with 2 hr.