Monday, August 24, 2009

Keep This On The DL

Carlos Gonzalez was pulled from the lineup Sunday after cutting his left hand on a steak knife. Gonzalez dropped the knife, tried to catch it, and gave himself a puncture wound that required a single stitch. While he will not be out long, his injury is only one in a long line of strange baseball injuries.

1) David Wells (Padres, 2004)lacerated his left hand and severed a tendon in his right wrist after falling on a beer mug. Apparently, Wells kicked a bar stool and lost his balance.
2) Left Fielder Marty Cordova (Orioles, 2002) spent too many hours in a California tanning salon after accidentally falling asleep. Cordova suffered burns on his face and was told by doctors to stay out of the sunlight for a while.
3) Kevin Mitchell was placed on the DL after vomiting so hard he strained a rib. Mitchell also cracked a tooth on a microwaved donut that had hardened, and subsequently missed a few games after having the necessary root canal to repair the damage.
4) In 1988, All-Star Red Sox Pitcher Bob Stanley tumbled down the stairs of his home while carrying a bag of trash. Unfortunately, the bag contained broken glass, and Stanley ended up damaging nerves and tendons in his pitching hand.
5) Steve Sparks (Brewers, 1994) was so inspired by a team of motivational speakers, that he tried to emulate some of their stunts, including tearing a phonebook in half. Instead, he wound up dislocating his right shoulder.
6) Oddibe McDowell once sliced his hand while buttering a roll at the Texas Rangers' annual Welcome Luncheon.
7) Bret Barberie (Marlins, 1995) is probably best remembered for eating spicy nachos. The 2nd baseman temporarily blinded himself after getting the chili pepper sauce in his eye.
8) Wade Boggs (Red Sox) missed 7 games after straining his back trying to remove his boots. Although, there is a rumor that his mistress, Margo Adams, may have actually had something to do with the injury.
9) Eric Show (Oakland A's, 1991) landed himself on the 15 day disabled list after stabbing himself in one of his fingers with a toothpick. This tiny incident led to a much more serious infection.
10) In the 1920's, Henry Clyde 'Pea Ridge' Day was known for making hog calls from the pitcher's mound. He was, to say the least, an eccentric character. Ridge also liked to demonstrate his ability to snap leather belts by simply expanding his chest. One such demonstration led to three snapped ribs.

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts


GM-Carson said...

I love the tanning bed injury, so incredibly gay.

tamtam said...

hey, my boy carlos quentin broke his wrist after karate-chopping his bat, so that's another stupid injury to add to your list

LynnieMac said...

Adam Eaton cut himself opening a DVD.

GM-Carson said...

Adam Eaton should have went a little deeper.

Okay, that was mean. I didn't really mean it.

Anonymous said...

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