Monday, August 10, 2009

Hightop Fades Rule!

I don't know who the hell this guy is, but he sure does have a sweet hightop fade. I typed "Tom Smith" into a Baseball-Reference search and came up with a handful of major and minor leaguers, but none seemed to match the time frame of this gentleman. So, why the hell did Bowman feel the need to make a rookie card for a guy that never even played in the minors? One of life's unsolved mysteries I suppose.

*Rumors & Rants wonders what the hell is up with kids these days.

*Sportress of Blogitude has scoop on the A's releasing Jason Giambi.

*Hail Mary Jane, being the weed freaks they are, love some 8-bit Big Lebowski art.

*We Should Be GM's gives their power rankings for Phillies players.

Spice Girls- Holler


tamtam said...

i find myself thinking of a young will smith, circa "fresh prince" upon viewing this mystery man with an outdated hairdo

GM-Carson said...

I used to rock the hightop back in the day. Although I looked more like the WWF's Big Bossman.

Anonymous said...

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