Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hey Man, Where'd You Get Those Shades?

Back in 1991 Zack Morris was cool and Ryan Long obviously emulated him. The hotshot 2nd round draft pick of the Kansas City Royals thought it would be awesome to sport sunglasses on his rookie card. Bad decision. Ryan's career never materialized as he spent the majority of his professional baseball days in the minors for 10 seasons, including a trip to Independent ball. Long did get to live out his dream for 6 games in 1997 with the Royals, batting .222 in 9 at bats. The ex-outfielder did spend time as a minor league hitting coach for the Burlington Bees of the Royals organization.

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GM-Carson said...

By the way, I'm not hating on Ryan Long, I'm simply admiring his style.

tamtam said...

that is so 90s!

GM-Carson said...

Good times, good times.

tamtam said...

i'm a '90s baby. i remember that decade very well