Friday, August 28, 2009

The Dugout: When to Stop Laughing at Lenny Dykstra

Phillies phans, this one's phor you!

Though I'm too young to have ever watched Lenny Dykstra play, there's no question that he was a colorful character. According to the news reports, Dykstra was characterized as a boorish asshole, more fitting of the '85 Mets than the Phillies, who just happened to play good baseball.

Recently, this shlub found himself in trouble yet again. According to, Dykstra tried to start his own magazine publication, and promptly got into a fight with his editor-who in a GQ exclusive article, BLASTED Dykstra as the boss from hell. But that wasn't the last of Lenny. On top of his magazine issues, Lenny is apparently homeless, the reason being cited as 1 of his mansions is rotting from a mold infestation and the other is torn apart from water damage. Lenny is currently fighting his insurance company for reimbursement to pay for his house repairs, but to complicate things, Dykstra's estranged wife's name is on the title of both houses, and she isn't handing over either of the houses for temporary shelter.

Sad, right?

But not to the fellas at my favorite spoof site "The Dugout"! In today's posting, the notorious Curt Schilling and the spaceman himself Darren Daulton poke fun at Lenny, for a reason not having to do with his personal issues.

Read it and laugh (or weep if you actually cared about this guy)

The Dugout: When to Stop Laughing at Lenny Dykstra

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GM-Carson said...

Love what Dykstra did on the field, but I don't like him. He hurt himself in a big contract while drunk driving. That's bullshit on so many levels.

tamtam said...

were the phillies dykstra's only team?

GM-Carson said...

Dykstra came to the Phillies via the Mets, but I do believe those were his only two team.