Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dissin' the Dodgers

Back in the late 80's, Topps Magazine ran an article depicting players as literal interpretations of their surnames. In keeping with that tradition, I have combed through the rosters of teams and found many players with fun last names. Here are players from the Los Angeles Dodgers. For this brief moment, these guys will be out of Ramirez's soiled shadow.
From the 25-man roster: James McDonald, Jeff Weaver, Randy Wolf, and Juan Castro. From the 40-man roster: Brent Leach and Jason Schmidt.

Randy Newman - I Love LA


GM-Carson said...

Schmidt was my first beer.

philly_phanatic said...

Good post GM. I like your other Phils blog better I have to say though ;)

GM-Carson said...

This is a general baseball blog. WSBGM's focus is on the Phils, my passion. But I love baseball, so I have two forums to express myself.

tamtam said...