Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baseball Hairdos

Baseball is a great sport. It's got crotch grabbing, butt slapping, spitting, and awesome hairdos. Here's a collection of some cool coifs.

Oscar Gamble was a man known for his awesome afro.

Manny and Vlad liked their dreadful dreadlocks.

The mullet was a staple of Kruk and Randy Johnson's guide to looking like trailer trash.

The trendy thing to do nowadays is make with the mohawk.

I'm still not sure what the f@^k Bronson Arroyo was thinking. Doesn't he know he's a whiteboy? Johnny Damon wanted to be Christ-like with this Jesus-do. Despite his efforts, he can still not walk on water.

Check out these funky fresh homeboys and their jheri curls.

Chris Sabo knows that it's about damn time that we bring back the flat top. Yankees shaving their heads, would George Steinbrenner approve?


saad said...

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GM-Carson said...

And you're welcome for the free advertising. Maybe next time you can pay to plug your business.

Burton said...

Hey, you seem to be a baseball enthusiast, GM! What an astute observation

GM-Carson said...

Like the played out 90's saying, "No shit Sherlock".

tamtam said...

too bad you didn't cover nick swisher's ever-changing hairdo. i saw a picture of swish when he was with the As, and he had pigtails-much like a little girl!