Friday, August 21, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Helloooo Hardballers!

I know Carson and Burton did a recent post about crazy athlete hairdos, but this is a followup to that post.

For my entry of the week, I was doing my research for potential topics and came across a photo of legendary Rays coach, Joe Maddon with freshly-dyed black locks.

As a woman, I too am a fan of hairdye. I love how I can change my haircolor to any shade any day. Though the dye can be smelly, messy, bad for the hair itself, and occasionally never come out as the shade on the box, it's something no woman should be without.
But because Coach Maddon is a man, I have to wonder "WHAT THE HELL IS HE THINKING?!!" The only guys I can think of who color their hair are actors (part of the job), men who love other men, metros (*cough* A-Rod), and men who are on the run from the law or the mob.

Although, Coach Maddon doesn't look too bad-if you think Tom Arnold and Bono are handsome (courtesy of The Sports Hernia for that joke), he is not to be outdone by the ever hair-crazy man himself, Nick Swisher. In this old photo from his days with the A's, Little Nicky plays up the girly pigtails.

I know, I know, he was growing his hair out for charity, but that does not make him immune from uptight bloggers like myself!

Then, in 2008, Nicky rocked Elvis night with this fake poof-poof:

What a clown. No wonder my loudmouth manager hated this guy!

Enjoy your happy day, everyone!


GM-Carson said...

I tried dying my hair platinum blond in college like Eminem. It wasn't light enough the first go, so I did another box right after. Big mistake! I woke up the next morning and my hair started breaking off and I had chemical burns on my scalp. Since then, straight up brown on my dome.

tamtam said...

owch. but damn! you're not supposed to color your hair 2 days straight! you have to wait at least 6 weeks between colorings so your scalp can recoop. though i have not had the misfortune of burning my hair off with hairdye, i've done some research so i know when to time the colorings. plus, you're supposed to use a specially-formulated shampoo/conditioner after you color you hair so the color doesn't fade.

guys shouldn't color their hair cuz the post-color care is too much of a hassle. thats why it's such a ladies thing. we're used to taking the extra steps to look good.

Care said...

Most Men only think about clothes and shoes when talking about style. Hairstyles are usually forgotten. However, nowadays there are many hairstyles not only for women, but for men too.

GM-Carson said...

I prefer my head shaved, but I'm hanging on to what hair I actually have left currently.

tamtam said...


carson, you're like my uncle's friend.

my uncle's friend is going bald, but to avoid the costanza look, he shaves his head. it's actually kinda funny because you can still see where his hair used to grow. kinda defeats the purpose, eh?

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