Saturday, August 15, 2009

Algebra teacher turned MLB Player

Study this card very closely and you are likely not reminded of a MLB player, rather a high school algebra teacher. In all seriousness, my college calculus professor looked like this dude. Well, this baseball card indeed does picture a MLB player, and a decent one at that. Tom Hume was a 1st round pick of the Cincinnati Reds back in 1972 and went on to win 57 games and save 92 others over 11 seasons with the Reds and Phillies. In 1982 he was even an all-star, picking up the save for the NL (seems like that's the last time the NL actually won the all-star game). Don't let the geek-look fool ya, the man could bring it to the plate.

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Burton said...

I had Mr. Hume for Calculus.

GM-Carson said...

I can't actually remember my calc prof's name, but he had the geeky glasses, wore hitched up slacks, and his shirts were always half-tucked. Total math geek, total genius.