Sunday, July 26, 2009

Damn Pigs

Swine Flu was nearly an national epidemic a couple months ago, but just because it's not headlining the news does not mean it has gone away. Just ask switch hitting Nicaraguan Vicente Padilla. The Texas Rangers starting pitcher has had to endure a lot this season, being placed on conditional waivers, a DL stint in May, and now the swine flu. Padilla is helping the Rangers stay in the mix for the AL West with a 7-5 record and 4.67 ERA, but my favorite memories of him go back to his days with the Phillies where he had a fan group called Padilla's Flotilla and would often appear lackadaisical on the field. His ESPN player page lists him as a righthanded batter, but I distinctly remember him haplessly hacking at pitches from both sides of the plate. Good stuff! Get better soon buddy.

Where Its At:
*Rumors & Rants has a photo of an obnoxious billboard welcoming Carlos Tevez to Manchester. I really hate soccer!

*Sox & Dawgs breaks down the BoSox much needed win last night.

*Phoul Ballz gives Mark Buerhle the Curt Hennig label. That's Mr. Perfect in case you didn't know.

*No Guts, No Glory has story on how Steve Spurrier is a genius, liar, straight shooter, and idiot.

*Chicago Cubs Online wakes up happy with a Cubs win.

*Walkoff Walk updates their creampuff list of MLB players with boo-boos.

*Royals Review like Luke Hochevar's losing streak snapping performance.

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