Friday, July 10, 2009

Baseball's Fans

When fans boo a player's performance, it really does hurt their feelings. The following collection of quotes demonstrates the five stages of grief according to the Kubler-Ross model.
First, some thoughts on the fact that fans boo, that is just what they do.
-"I think the only sport where they don't boo is golf." ~Lou Pinella.
-"The Expos fans discovered 'boo' is pronounced the same in French as it is in English." ~Harry Caray

-"Those boos really motivate me to go out and make something happen." ~Barry Bonds

-"There are always about 20,000 Red Sox fans here when we play them. Maybe it was only the Sox fans who were booing." ~Mariano Rivera after blowing a save

-"Philadelphia fans would boo funerals, an Easter egg hunt, a parade of armless war vets, and the Liberty Bell." ~Bo Belinsky
-"The fans here are too stupid. You have to play perfect every game. You can't make an error. You can't go 0-for-4. Are we like machines?" ~Rey Ordonez
-"F*** those f***ing fans who come out here and say they're Cub fans that are supposed to be behind you, ripping every f***ing thing you do. I'll tell you one f***ing thing, I hope we get f***ing hotter than shit, just to stuff it up them 3,000 f***ing people that show up every f***ing day, because they're the real Chicago f***ing fans, they can kiss my f***ing ass right downtown and print it!" ~Lee Elia

-"They have a right to boo people because they've been waiting for 99 years (for a World Series) and sometimes we don't do a good job and they get frustrated, too." ~Carlos Zambrano
-"It's like going to a Broadway show, you pay for your tickets and you expect to be entertained. When you're not, you have a right to complain." ~Sparky Anderson
-"There's not a lot of teams that I've seen in a fight for the division, in control of a ballgame the whole time, never lose the lead, and still get booed. It's certainly a boost for us to play in front of a full ballpark. If they decided to root for us, that would be even better." ~Scott Linebrink

-“I don’t understand why the fans were booing at me. I can’t understand that. They showed me today they just care about them. That’s no fair. Because when you are struggling, that’s when you want to feel, the support of the fans.” ~Carlos Zambrano
-"You're trying your damnedest, you strike out, and they boo you. I act like it doesn't bother me, like I don't hear anything the fans say, but the truth is, I hear every word of it and it kills me." ~Mike Schmidt

-"Fans don't boo nobodies." ~Reggie Jackson
-"I actually welcome boos as part of the game. I love to see that from my opponent's fans. Last night, I think those fans didn't boo hard enough." ~Ichiro Suzuki
-"I've been treated there just like everywhere else: everyone boos me. I take that as a compliment." ~Albert Belle

Robot Chicken - Giraffe in Quicksand


GM-Carson said...

I don't really boo, but dammit I curse at them from the seat in front of the tv enough.

tamtam said...

i boo, and i curse. and then i turn off the tv

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