Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Star Game Feats and Firsts

The All Star Game origintes in 1933 when sports editor Arch Ward of the Chicago Tribune suggested a contest between AL and NL greats should coincide with the Chicago World's Fair. The first game was held on July 6, 1933 in Comiskey Park. Since then, the game has been held every year (except 1945) at the symbolic halfway point in the season. Here is a compilation of some All Star Game feats and firsts.

First Win
1933 - American League, 4-2
The National League did not win an All Star Game until 1936.

First Pitcher to Win Two All Star Games
1933 and 1935 - Lefty Gomez, Gomez also became the first pitcher with three wins in an All-Star Game when the AL won in 1937 with Gomez on the mound. The National League did not reach this feat until 1960 when Bob Friend pitched his second win (his first was in 1956).

First Home Run
1933 - Babe Ruth (AL), Frankie Frisch (NL)

First Player to Hit Two Home Runs in One Game
1941 - Arky Vaughn (NL)

First (and only) Grand Slam
1983 - Fred Lynn (AL)

Best Pitcher
Mel Harder (AL) had four All-Star appearances (a total of 13 innings pitched) and allowed no runs.
Juan Marichal (NL) pitched 18 total innings and allowed only 1 run.

Most Strikeouts Pitched
Don Drysdale with 19 total strikeouts.

Highest Scoring Game
Coors Field, 1998 - A 13 to 8 American League Victory. This is also the longest 9-inning game at 3 hours and 38 minutes.

Highest Scoring Margin
Fenway Park, 1946 - A 12 to 0 American League Victory

Longest Game - Extra Innings
2008, Yankee Stadium - 15 innings, 4 hours and 50 minutes.

Most Apperances
Stan Musial, Willie Mays, and Hank Aaron all with 24.
Willie Mays also holds the record for most hits in All Star Games with 23 and he is the first player to win two All Star Game MVP's.
Stan Musial holds the record for most career home runs in All Star play with 6.

Most Apperances on Losing Team
Brooks Robinson (AL) with 15.

Oldest Player
Satchel Paige - 47 years old, in 1953

Youngest Player
Dwight Gooden - 19 years old, in 1984

The National League has won 40 total games, American League 37 total games, and have tied twice.
Longest winning streak - (11) The National League (1972-1982); American League (1997-2008 not including the 2002 tie)
The American League started out winning 12 of the first 16 games between 1933 to 1949. From 1950 to 1987, the National League won 33 of 42 with only 1 tie. From 1963 until 1982 the National League won 19 of 20 games. Since 1988 the American League has dominated play having lost only 3 times.

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Brad Templeman said...

You've got to feel for Brooks Robinson, but at least he won a few at the beginning. But, its even worse for someone like Albert Pujols, who has made the All-Star team 8 times and has never won. Meanwhile, Derek Jeter has been in the game 9 times, and never lost. At least it hasn't helped the American League that much in the World Series so far.

Burton said...

Hopefully tonight Pujols will be able to change that.

Burton said...

Guess not...Al 4 - NL 3.
The AL streak continues.

GM-Carson said...

Fuckin' American League.

tamtam said...

HAHA!! AL dominates again for another year!