Friday, June 19, 2009

Think Ink

Want to show your support for your favorite team? You could invest in official jerseys, hats, or hundreds of other bits of swag generated by Major League Baseball. Or, you could adorn your body with baseball-themed tattoos. No, not the ones that used to come in packs of baseball cards, I'm talking about permanent ink. These are hardcore fans whose tattoos range from the generic:

To the artistic:

To the bad ass:

To the ridiculous:

Offspring - Pretty Fly For a White Guy


GM-Carson said...

That Mickey Mantle tattoo is scary lifelike.

Deaner said...

I'm wondering... per capita which fans have the most team tattoos? My guess is Detroit has to be up there. If you go to a Tigers game in the summer you'll see a ton of old english 'D' tattoos. Sure it's one of the great classic logos, but I can't help of think about its connection to hip-hop culture (ie. Kid Rock, Eminem).

Burton said...

The same guy who inked the Mantle tat also did a portrait of Pete Rose, there's a scary tat to display.

GM-Carson said...

The Yankees and Tigers probably have the most tattoos per capita based on pop culture references.

I'd get a Phillies tattoo, but my body is a temple...that was a joke.

Burton said...

I have the body of a god...the Buddha.

tamtam said...

i remember seeing that picture of the cubs logo with "go cards". that was pretty funny.

personally, i have no problem with body art. i'd get some tattoos too, but my religion won't let me do it. >:[

GM-Carson said...

May I ask what religion are you?

tamtam said...

im orthodox christian-same religion as pittsburgh steelers safety troy polamalu (with 1 minor difference-he's greek orthodox, im serbian orthodox; difference lies in liturgial language). but you guys probably dont follow football, so its ok if you're clueless. i dont know of any orthodox baseball players to bring it a little closer to home for you.

you dont hear much about orthodox christians, since we're a minority most everywhere we go, but we're pretty conservative-no tattoos, no piercings (well, for ladies, ears are ok), wear a dress to church, etc. we dont follow a pope either, which separates us from our brothers, the catholics (we have patriarchs, which are in charge of the orthodox christians in a given country. i think there are multiple patriarchs in a given country to represent every orthodox nationality-greek, serb, russian, etc) and we also dont believe in any sort of purgatory after death.

i doubt you'll find my religion all that interesting, but since you asked, i'll tell you. there's more stuff about my religion than i can squeeze into this little comment box, so if you want to know more please ask more questions!

GM-Carson said...

I do find it interesting. What else sets Orthodox Christians apart from the run-of-the-mill Christian you'll find in churches around the nation?

tamtam said...

well carson, we look at the relationship between a person and god as that of a parent and child. most run-of-the-mill preachers preach that god will forgive you no matter what you do. they liken god to an air conditioner: giving out love to people regardless of the gravity of their actions.

but we in the orthodox church emphasize that yes, god loves us, but he also gets angry with us. just like when your kids dont listen to you and you get mad at them because of that, that's how god is with us. however, through sincere prayer and repentance, we can get back in favor with god, much like your kids have to work to get on your good side again when you're mad at them.

our catholic brothers share this view to a similar extent, but there is a slight difference between the view of sin. we orthodox look at sin as a mistake that the person must use as a lesson to learn from and never do again. the catholics believe that it is a stain on your soul and only prayer (they also have pennance-i.e. 10 hail mary's a day for a week; but the orthodox dont put much emphasis on this) can scrub it out.

there's also the matter of religious images. we use painted images of jesus and the saints called icons to aid in devotion. there's a whole formula about icons in that the figures have to be portrayed a certain way.

as for music, we dont use instruments-no organs, no bands, none of that stuff. well, actually, i think the greeks are the lone exception to this "rule" (instruments not mandatory in church, but not required. traditionally, instruments were not used in most of the orthodox churches). but almost every greek church ive been to has an organ. instead, we have a choir that sing responses to the priest.

dang! i could probably write a book about the orthodox church!

GM-Carson said...

You must think we're heathens.

tamtam said...

its never too late to change your ways.