Friday, June 12, 2009

Spoofing the Cubs

Hanging out in the middle rankings of the NL central is the Chicago Cubs. Currently, they are only 2.5 games behind the Brewers. The Cubs are having a decent season so far, thanks in part to the performances of these athletes.

Kevin Gregg - Do you love him? Do you like Bailey's?

Ted 'Day' Lilly - He seems to blossom around this time every season.

David Patton - Patton has a commanding presence on the plate; he has won twice as many games as he's lost! (2-1).

Randy Wells - So far, he's at the bottom of the pitching well. (I know, he's a rookie with only 2 appearances on the mound.)

Koyie Hill - Well, he is 30 now, so I guess he's over the hill.

Andres Blanco - 32 at bats so far, 7 hits, .219 for the season. His contribution to the slugging Cubs? Blanco.

Aaron Miles - .200 for the season? Miles to go for improvement!

Bobby Scales - Scales has yet to pull his weight...

Milton Bradley - Bradley plays a great game!


tamtam said...

hahaha!! i love ted lilly's card :)

GM-Carson said...

I love Patton's card, looks like he's strugglin' on the shitter with that face.

Burton said...

Patton is my favorite too.

tamtam said...

"patton" is a good movie as well.

Nilfheim said...

I'm Old Greeeeeeeeeg!!!!
Another great "literal names."

SmartyBarrett said...

Kevin Gregg has a man-gina!!!

GM-Carson said...

He flosses his flossy.