Saturday, June 06, 2009

Old School Logos: NL East

More Hardball will be featuring some of the old school MLB logos over the next few weekends. Today we reminisce in the National League East division.

Atlanta Braves:

Florida Marlins:

Montreal Expos:

New York Mets:

Philadelphia Phillies:


Holla @ Cha Boy!
*Rumors & Rants believes that it's time for new Nike puppets NBA commercial.

*Sharapova's Thigh features Hensley Meulens with their random retro baseball player.

*Drunk Jays Fan has video evidence of Toronto's outfielder Alex Rios being called a bum and apparently disliking it. Honestly the fan in this video is a complete asshole.

*For those of you that are NFL fantasy players, US Tailgate has news on some running backs.

*For an intelligent in depth Toronto Blue Jays blog, check out Bluebird Banter.

*Major League Jerk's favorite sport is baby racing...ah, what?!

*Sports Rubbish has video of pigeon being killed by cricket ball...Bert & Ernie will get you f*cker!!!

*Bootlegger Sports is tired of the Pirates pouting about trading players away.

*No Guts, No Glory pays tribute to Randy Johnson and his infamous mullets and mustaches.

*We Should Be GM's is a bit peeved with closer Brad Lidge.

Milli Vanilli- Girl You Know It's True


LynnieMac said...

Where's the one of Mr. Met choking?

GM-Carson said...

That will be one of their commemorative logos is seasons to come.

tamtam said...

too bad you didnt include the pic of mr. met flipping off the crowd (taken at last year's all-star game parade). i know its not an official logo, but i thought it was an appropriate symbol for the team.

Anonymous said...

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