Saturday, June 13, 2009

Old School Logos: NL Central

More Hardball has been featuring some of the old school MLB logos over the past few weekends. Today we take it on back in the National League Central division.

Chicago Cubs:

Cincinnati Reds:

Houston Astros:

Milwaukee Brewers:

Pittsburgh Pirates:

St. Louis Cardinals:


4 My Homies:
*UsTailgate tells of the greatest touchdown dance ever.

*It's official, Tim Donaghy is of the retarded persuasion.

*Rumors & Rants seems to link wonderkid Stephen Strasburg is going to need luck.

*We Should Be GM's give their opinion on the Raul Ibanez steroids innuendo.

Sophie B. Hawkins- Damn, I Wish I Were Your Lover


tamtam said...

i love that astros logo with the orbits. that is so OLD-SCHOOL!!!

Burton said...

Old school? Jeez, I remember that one old baseball cards...I'm old :(

Deaner said...

Man... the Pirate on the left has really gauged his ears out pretty good.

Innocent Saqib said...

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