Monday, June 22, 2009

Name To Know- Nolan Reimold

Reading the box scores every morning is a ritual. It soothes me, makes me complete. While pouring through each game's numbers, I pay particularly close attention to rookies, or the lesser known names. This is partly because I want the inside track on possible breakout performers in my fantasy league, but also because I have an undying need to know every player in the majors. This quest of knowledge has lead me to develop the new More Hardball series "Name To Know". This week's showcasing revolves around Nolan Reimold.

Nolan Gallagher Reimold, born in Greenville, Pennsylvania on October 12, 1983 attended Bowling Green and was drafted in the 2nd round by the Baltimore Orioles in 2005. The right-handed hitting 25 year old outfielder is fast becoming one of the youthful building blocks of the O's organization. In 5 minor league seasons he showed power (79 hr/.521 slugging %), an ability to get on base (.383 on-base %), and that he can hit for average (.284). His minor league success has transferred beautifully to the majors. Through 33 games he has a line of .288/.931 with 14 r, 17 rbi, 4 dbl, and 8 hr. Look for him to be a fixture in the outfield with the talented combo of Adam Jones and Nick Markakis for years to come.

*Nolan's brother John was drafted by the CBA's Dakota Wizards and currently plays professional basketball in Luxembourg.

Bowling Green State University Fight Song


GM-Carson said...

Reimold didn't get any love? Guess he needs to sport a fancy stache like Clay Zavada.

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