Monday, June 08, 2009

More Hardball Theme Teams

Here at More Hardball we are interested in the history and amusement of baseball. That is why we enjoy creating theme teams so much, in which we focus on a general theme and build a 25-man roster around it. The following, in chronological order, are all of the past theme teams that this site has offered. If you have any suggestions for future ones, please do so in the comments section.

*Old Heads- my first foray into theme teams, and this was dedicated to the oldest players in the game at that time.

*Where's the Beef?- heftiest players in the game during that period.

*Small Fries- my ode to MLB's pipsqueaks.

*Is This An Anal Circus?- players I have bestowed "ass-clown" honors upon.

*Under the Radar- team composed of players with fine seasons that most fans have never heard of.

*All About the Benjamins- sometimes money only buys you shit.

*Dumpster Diving- 2007 free agent leftovers team.

*My Team Can Beat Yours- 2008 free agent leftovers team.

*The Replacements- best of the scabs from the 1994 strike.

*All-Star Free Agents Squad- 2009 free agents leftovers team.

*Stonehedge Butchers: All Errors Team- self explanatory.

*Minor Threats- a team composed solely of ex-MLB players signed to minor league deals.

*Sports Illustrated Cover Team- 25 man roster of active players that have graced SI's cover.

*MLB 2000 Draft Team- 25 man roster of players drafted in the year 2000.

*Best Team Money Can Buy- highest paid players (career salary) in the history of the game.

*Smashing Siblings- Burton's first crack at creating a theme team, brothers being the focus.

*1/4 All-MLB All-Star Team- as the quarter mark of the 2009 season reached, I created a best-of-the-best roster.

*All-MLB Teenage Team- best of the pimpled-face still possibly in puberty players in MLB history.

Minor Threat- Cashing In


tamtam said...

for your ass-clown team, im surprised not to have found the likes of alfonso soriano, milton bradley, and sammy sosa on that list. those 3 overhyped/underperforming (well, sosa was good, but then he started juicing) divas are real turds!

GM-Carson said...

I actually like Soriano. Milton Bradley is more than just an ass-clown, he's a oversensitive narcissistic fuckwad.

tamtam said...

what about sosa?

GM-Carson said...

Sosa made "High Heat" commercial for that video that I loved, can't hate on him.

Burton said...

You forgot my Single Season Sluggers, those fabulous flameouts...