Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Look Can Be Deceiving

Sometimes in life looks can be deceiving, like when getting accidentally excited by a He-She or gorging yourself on chocolate Ex-Lax. In baseball, stats can be misleading as well. The following are statistical anomalies that I find amusing.

Usually when a batter’s average is below .220 you assume that their season was complete waste. However, sometimes a batting average that low can still be productive, as evidence by the two categories below.

30+ Homeruns with sub .220 AVG: (HR/AVG)
1. 37/.204- Dave Kingman (1982/NYM)
2. 36/.218- Tony Armas (1983/BOS)
3. 35/.210- Dave Kingman (1986/OAK)
4T. 32/.215- Gorman Thomas (1985/SEA)
4T. 32/.215- Ron Kittle (1984/CHW)
5. 30..216- Jose Valentine (2004/CHW)

.800+ OPS with sub .220 AVG: (AVG/OPS)
1. .215/.819- Adam Dunn (2003/CIN)
2. .219/.818- Wes Westrum (1951/NYG)
3. .187/.808- Mark McGwire (2001/STL)

I’m still scratching my head, wondering how the hell you can steal more bases than have base hits.

More Stolen Bases than Hits:
43 hits/46 stolen bases- Willie Wilson (1978/KAN)

Anytime a pitcher wins 20 games in a season that automatically puts them in contention for the Cy Young Award. The two pitchers below, with horrific ERA’s, don’t belong in that conversation. Then you have a set of pitchers with 9 or fewer wins, with 180+ innings pitched, and ERA’s below 2. Just doesn’t seem fair does it?

20 Wins with 5+ ERA: (W/ERA)
1T. 20/5.08- Bobo Newson (1938/SLB)
1T. 20/5.02 Ray Kremer (1930/PIT)

Sub 2 ERA, sub 10 Wins, 180+ IP: (W/ERA/IP)
1. 5/1.72/193.2- Ned Garvin (1904/BRO/NYY)
2. 8/1.91/188.1- Ed Siever (1902/DET)
3. 8/1.92/197.1- Bill Burns (1909/WSH/CHW)

A closer is supposed to be "lights out" and dominate the competition in the 9th inning, not allow tons of runs while giving the fans ulcers. The group below won't be receiving any Rolaids Fireman Awards for those performances.

30+ Saves with 5+ ERA: (SV/ERA)
1. 45/5.07- Joe Borowski (2007/CLE)
2T. 35/7.11- Shawn Chacon (2004/COL)
2T. 35/5.28- Todd Worrell (1997/LAD)
3. 32/5.28- Brad Lidge (2006/HOU)
4T. 31/5.14- Dave Veres (1999/COL)
4T. 31/5.79- Mike Henneman (1996/TEX)

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tamtam said...

I’m still scratching my head, wondering how the hell you can steal more bases than have base hits.

me too. especially since a turtle can beat adam dunn in stealing bases!