Sunday, June 21, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Happy Father's Day! Today More Hardball salutes dads in baseball with a scrapbook of some famous father-son pairs. Also included are three generations of baseball players, which has only occurred three times in the history of baseball.

First Father and Son to Play in the Majors:
Herm Doscher (1872-1882) and Jack Doscher (1903-1908)

First Active Father-Son Pair in the Same Season:
Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr.

Fathers as Managers
First: Connie and Earl Mack - Philadelphia Athletics, 1910

Second: Yogi and Dale Berra - Yankees, 1985

Third: Cal Ripken Sr., Cal Ripken Jr., Billy Ripken - Orioles, 1987

Three Generations:
Gus Bell, Buddy Bell, David and Mike Bell

Ray Boone, Bob Boone, Aaron and Bret Boone

Sammy Hairston, Jerry Hairston, Jerry Hairston Jr. and Scott Hairston

Sammy and Jerry Hairston are also the first black father-son duo to play in the majors.

Cat Stevens - Father and Son


tamtam said...

happy father's day!

damn! there's alotta siblings in baseball. in the case of the boone's, its a whole family affair!

Burton said...

Yup. There are several father-son combos in baseball. If I listed them all, it would be a long post. I learned while researching this that Barry Bonds' father was Bobby Bonds...I probably should have guessed, but I didn't know.

Happy Father's Day, GM_Carson!

GM-Carson said...

The Phils shat all over my Fathers Day.

The Alou's are a good father/son combo too.

tamtam said...

that sucks :(